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I wonder how people find my old pics and then go on to steal & post em all over the web. Top right one is my pic from Pinkpop 2007 at the signing post gig. 

(Source: fucking-leto)

Check out my new tumblr, where I’ll be posting Mars stuff and of course other bands I go see at gigs and whose music I also enjoy!

Will be deleting this page soon.

New tumblr

Alright I’ve created a new tumblr. I will delete this one in the next few days. The new tumblr will be about Mars, but also the other bands that I love and of gigs I’ve gone to such as The Gaslight Anthem, 100 Monkey’s etc etc. It’ll be a mix of all sorts of music. So feel free to follow that one, I’ll obviously be posting some of my Mars gems there too. Five gigs planned for November so I’ll be adding some stuff.

Thanks to all that followed this Mars one, I appreciate each and every follower!

MTV EMA’s 30 Seconds to Mars voting video I made!